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Terraform Tiny Homes began as a passion project of Richard Ward, a designer turned builder, as an attempt to live a sustainable life both financially, emotionally, and environmentally. Richard wanted a home he could afford and a life I could enjoy without working 30+ years to pay off a home. Terraform One took nearly two years to plan, but finally in September of 2015 the build of Richards first home began, and thanks to the SIPs style build and help provided by Artisan Tiny House, Richard was able to move in just 4 1/2 months later.


In July of 2016, Terraform Two came to be. A 32 sq ft tiny house on wheels built in a 2010 Honda Element. Terraform Two was intended to be a temporary home to take around the country while Richard looked for a new place to put the big house. After 4 months on the road, Richard fell in love with traveling and meeting people and realized the “250 Sq Ft Mansion” was more than he needed.


Terraform Three, a 54 Sq Ft Micro-Home, was designed to be the best of both worlds, light weight, highly mobile, and completely off grid but also a comfortable living space for all seasons.


Richards loves the opportunities the tiny house lifestyle has given him, and has a passion for helping others achieve their dreams of downsizing. Whether you’re looking to design a full-blown tiny house, need some advice on simplifying, or want to convert your car for an amazing road trip. Terraform Tiny Homes is here to help.

terraform one

250 Sq Ft | 32 Ft Gooseneck | For Sale!

terraform Two

32 Sq Ft | Honda Element | 10,000 Miles Traveled | 3 1/2 Months on the road

terraform Three

54 Sq Ft | Off-Grid Micro-Home | Expected Completion July 2017

Wander-Bus (Client Project)

100 Sq Ft | School Bus Conversion | Minimalist gypsy home

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 Terraform has a passion for alternative dwellings. The term "Tiny Home" in our opinion can be anything from a camper to an HGTV style home on wheels. We've help consult and build on everything from a hatchback car camper, to school bus conversions, custom airstreams, and full blown tiny house builds. Our goal is to get you living in an alternative dwelling that works for your life.


Our services include:


- Tiny House Consulting

- Custom Tiny House Design & Plans

- Tiny House Shell Fulfillment

- Travel Advice

-  Pre Build Consulting

- Build Mentoring


And Much More...


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