Pre-Build Consulting: $245 (Refundable)


Whether you’re looking to start a full build, travel cheaply, or downsize, simplify your life a little. Talking with someone whose done it can often be the first step to a new life. My journey into tiny house living started just like yours – scared, uncertain, and thinking I was crazy – but I’m here to let you know you CAN do it and I’m here to pass on my knowledge.


I will take the time during the consulting to answer any and all questions you may have as well as put you on the right path to getting your home started. The pre-build consultation is 100% refundable if you order a SIPs/Trailer package or a Steel frame Micro-Camper shell through Terraform Tiny Homes.

Common Tiny House topics include:

- Getting started (designing, sourcing materials, finding resources)

- Downsizing and prioritizing

- The Tiny House design process

- Getting your shell up

- How to build on a budget

- How to save money through salvage, borrowing, and other resources

- On-grid vs Off-grid

- What tiny house living is REALLY like

Common Car/Van life topics include:

- How to retrofit your current vehicle

- Stealth camping and how to never pay for lodging

- Building in amenities into your car (Power, Shower, Kitchen, Etc.)

- Making money while traveling

Custom Design: Rates vary, Call/Email for pricing


Ready to start but need help designing? After designing and building a 250 SqFt house on wheels, followed by a 32 SqFt car conversion, and with a current 54 sq ft micro-home build. I’ve become a master at maximizing small spaces. The beauty of the Tiny House life is it is customized for YOU. A home built for an 86 yr old retiree is going to function very different than a home for a 26 yr old couple. I’ll take your personal needs, wants, and budget into consideration when building your dream home.


We work with experienced Tiny Home Shell builders to fulfill your outer shell for tiny homes, or check out our offerings on micro-home steel frames.

Tiny House Designs Can Include:


- Custom floor plan and elevation drawings

- 3d SketchUp model for you to manipulate

- SIPs ready blueprints

- Plumbing/Electrical plans

- On/off grid plans

- Custom Trailer Plans

- Working with SIPs/Trailer Manufactures to get your shell ready

Car/Van Conversions Can Include:


- Skype walkthrough of your vehicle

- Custom designed plans ready for you to build

- Resources and information on amenities

- In-Person walk through depending on location

- Consulting on a new vehicle purchase

Terraform One Plans


Love this home and want to build one similar? Plans are available in different levels depending on how detailed you’d like to get. Combine a plans purchase with a custom design plan to get the best bang for your buck!

Basic Plans:
Pay What You Want


- Elevation photos

- Exterior measurements

- SIPs plans preview

Download for $0


Shell Plans:


- Elevation photos

- Exterior measurements

- SIPs manufacturer ready plans

- Trailer plans

Pro Plans:


- Elevation photos

- Exterior measurements

- SIPs manufacturer ready plans

- Trailer plans

- Electrical Plans

- Plumbing/Gas Plans
- 3D SketchUp model


Building Consulting: $95/Month


Youtube is a great resource, but there are times when you just need to talk to someone whose been there. The monthly consulting service gives you access to Skype with a real tiny house builder to bounce ideas off of, get advice from, and help you work through any issues you may have during your build. Cancel at anytime and your first call is free. Contact us below for more details.

Steel Camper Shells: Starting AT $4,995


Campers are ugly, cheaply built with toxic materials, and frankly all of them look alike. But building a shell from scratch is a time consuming and often scary endeavor. Terraform Tiny Homes now offers custom, 16 ga steel frame micro-home shells, that are highly customizable and made to last. These shells make it easy for you to finish out at home in your own time and will be sure to get some looks on your next road trip or make a great highly mobile home. Packages start at $4,995. Contact Us below for more information.

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