terraform one

250 sq ft  |  32 ft gooseneck  |  FOR SALE!



Terraform One was easily the biggest project I had ever taken on in my life. I had never designed a home before and only had basic tool knowledge going in. I was not special, I had no background in architecture or construction, but with some help from a few people who had built homes before, I was able to create my beautiful home.


I learned through building Terraform One, that outside of a few things that should be hired out (structural engineering, electrical, and gas) there’s no reason anyone can’t build their own home! No part of the home building process was that cognitively difficult and the lessons I learned through this DIY endeavor will stick with me for the rest of my life.


Since building Terraform One – I have had over 8,000 people through my home, I have been featured on HGTV, and have made so many life-long friends throughout the building process. Going tiny has little to do with the house, it’s about the lifestyle it brings.


Terraform One features:

- Full sized Kitchen & Shower

- 110" Projector theater

- 8 speaker surround sound

- 2 beer draft lines

- Large fridge and freezer

- Space for 3 bikes

- Large loft with No ladders to climb

- Guest Bed

- Storage loft


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Love my home and want to build one similar? Plans are available in different levels depending on how detailed you’d like to get. Combine a plans purchase with a custom design plan to get the best bang for your buck!


Pro Level Plans include:

- Elevation Photos

- Floor plan drawings

- Exterior measurements

- Resource sheet

- SIPs manufacturer ready plans

- Trailer plans

- 3D SketchUp model

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