terraform Three: 54 sq ft micro home

54 Sq Ft | Off-Grid Micro-Home | Expected Completion October 2017

Terraform Three, a 54 sq ft self sustaining micro-home, combines the best of both worlds between a car camper and full blown Tiny Home. The house measures 6’ wide by 10’ long and less than 9’ high, and can be easily towed by most small SUVs and fit in virtually any driveway.


The goal of Terraform Three is to be a template for sustainable living and share the Tiny House movement to people across the nation. The home will be extremely minimalist and completely self-sustaining. Terraform Three will use solar as its primary source of energy, a rain water collection tank to reduce water consumption, and a composting toilet to turn waste into valuable fertilizer. By using reclaimed materials for as much of the build as possible, we are aiming to minimize the waste incurred through the building process, making the carbon footprint of the home nearly zero.


The excepted completion date is October 2017, just in time for the National Tiny House Jamboree, after which Terraform Three will take off for a tour across the United States. We will be holding open houses, teaching people about sustainable living (physically, environmentally, and mentally) and helping others fulfill their tiny house dream.


Terraform Three features:

- Custom Welded steel frame

- solar energy system

- water collection

- Full sized bed

- Large opening skylight

- Composting Toilet

- Outdoor Shower

- Full Kitchen with DC cooler

Construction Progress