7 Benefits of Living in a Tiny House

Honestly, the best decision of my life was to downsize to a tiny home. After building a 250 sq ft home, then realizing that my tiny was still too big, from 250 sq ft I downsized once again to 54 sq ft. The Tiny House life has given me so much joy and amazing experiences.

The lifestyle is rapidly growing. DIYers all over are seeing the benefits of living large in very tiny homes. The best part is that just about anyone can build their own tiny house with a little tiny house coaching, some research, and a bit of creativity.

By going tiny you don’t have to spend 15-30 years of your life paying off a mortgage. Rather, save that money, travel the world, explore new places, meet new faces, or simply live a less stressed life.

If this isn’t convincing enough, here are seven more benefits of living in a tiny house:

Benefits of Shifting to a Tiny Home

Save Money

Buying a home bigger than your needs and budget can lead to years of struggles and stress in order to pay off the debt. Spending beyond ones means leaves a person financially and emotionally vulnerable. It limits options. You may feel as if you have to stay in an unhappy job, budget to the penny, and be stressed about the “what ifs”.  Downsizing to a tiny home reduces financial strain in a multitude of ways.

  • Moving to a smaller place (whether that be from 5,000 sq ft to 3,000 sq ft or from 1000 sq ft to 200 sq ft) has the obvious benefit of being cheaper to rent or buy. With the average American spending 30+% of their monthly income on rent, going from $1000+ per month to a few hundred per month by going tiny opens up your budget to a lot of possibilities.
  • Going smaller also saves on utilities. Simply put it takes a lot less energy to heat, light, cool, and maintain 200 sq ft than it does 1500… This adds up to hundreds every month in savings
  • There are many less tangible savings of simplifying.
    • You are less vulnerable to buying things just to fill space. It is proven, if you have the space to fill a room, you will fill it… Even if you never use that nightstand or bookshelf, a large space seems uncomfortable without stuff. 
    • You are less susceptible to planned obsolescence, which means you spend less money on stuff that is designed to break over and over again.
    • When you go small, the process of downsizing often means you have lots of things you need to sell. Which in turn, makes downsizing profitable.

Within a very small budget, you’ll have a roof over your head and the comforts of home customized to your needs.

Enjoy Financial Freedom

As compared to a typical home that can range upwards of $150,000; a DIY tiny house average around $30k. If you were to purchase one outright, they tend to average between $60-80k. In the states, 30+% of people’s income goes towards housing. Crazy when you think you could be debt free in a matter of years by just living differently.

Plus, tiny homes are versatile. They can be an income stream when not in use. If you decide to go into a normal home again, they make great guest houses or home offices… Or, sell it, and make back most of your expenses.

Freedom From Clutter

Only the things that you actually love will end up staying in your tiny home. Simplifying your stuff means more clarity of mind and less losing things. Everything I own brings me joy in some way, if it doesn’t, I get rid of it. Additionally, I lose my keys about every day. Luckily, I live small so it’s not too hard to find them. Everything has a fixed place, which means slightly less chaos!

Living in a tiny house makes life more organized, comfortable and enjoyable. It makes room for things that actually matter and gives independence of time, money and location.

Time Freedom

Since you’ve reclaimed 30+% of your income, that equates to essentially a 30% raise. Some people take that as “I need to work 30% less today” or “I can retire 30% sooner”. Either way, it frees up time now or later so that you can pursue your passions. The satisfaction of knowing that you have shelter, enough food and other possessions to keep life going sets one free. A 9-to-5 job can be replaced with freelancing or part-time jobs much easier, letting you pursue things that matter to you. With less to take care of, living in a tiny house is sure to give you more time for doing things that actually matter.

Permanent Roof Over Your Head

By switching to a tiny home, you will always know you have a home even if things go downhill. If you were to face financial hardships or lose your job, you won’t be homeless. A tiny house can be easily paid for, up front with a few years savings and if circumstances change, you can always move it to a new location.

Location Independence

Being able to adapt as life changes is something we all need, and living in a tiny house gives exactly that. Location independence is one of the main reasons why people switch to houses on wheels. One can easily move in case of a new job, stay close to friends and family, escape if a natural disaster is expected, and never pay for a hotel room on a road trip.

Stay With Like-Minded People

My favorite benefit of going tiny is being part of a like-minded community. Tiny House people, in my experience, are some of the kindest and welcoming people that I have met. There is a sense that we’re all crazy. Your craziness may be a little different than mine, but that’s okay. Staying with like-minded people makes life lighter and happier.

Ready to get started?

If you too wish to switch to a simpler, happier life in a Tiny Home, get in touch with Terraform Tiny Homes. We offer unique and attractive tiny home designs and alternative life coaching to help you live your best life today.

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