About us

Live simple. Do what you love.


In July of 2016, Terraform Two began. A 32 sq ft car conversion built in a 2010 Honda Element, Terraform Two was intended to be a temporary home to take around the country while Richard looked for a new place to put the first tiny house. After 4 months on the road, Richard fell in love with traveling and meeting people and realized the “250 Sq Ft Mansion” was more than he needed.

Terraform Three, a 54 Sq Ft micro-home, was designed to be the best of both worlds: a lightweight, highly mobile, and completely off-grid home that was comfortable for all seasons. The custom-built micro-home runs off solar, features an outdoor kitchen, rooftop deck, large skylight, and is built using as much reclaimed material as possible.

Richard loves the opportunities the tiny house lifestyle has given him, and has a passion for helping others achieve their dreams of downsizing. Whether you’re looking to design a complete tiny house, need some advice on simplifying, or want to convert your car for an amazing road trip, Terraform Tiny Homes is here to help.