Short Bus Conversion

“The Wander Bus”

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Victor came to Terraform Tiny Homes with no building experience, tools, or much of a plan as to how to turn the school bus he purchased for $2,200 and had traveled across the country with into a home. He reached out and Terraform was there to help. We worked with Victor and his friends to provide training, tools, and trips to Home Depot for informative field trips. We helped to get Victor into his bus in a matter of weeks and gave him the skill set to confidently build out the rest of the bus. Victor’s bus build was extremely budget-conscious.


“Once I decided to go tiny, I had no idea what I was getting into. I purchased the bus and reached out for help. Terraform Tiny Homes responded and came out the very next day to assess the situation. The flexibility in working with budget, materials, constraints, and the creativity in finding the best fit for my situation is a true testimony to the skills that Terraform Tiny Homes developed over time. While every project might be different, Terraform Tiny Homes helped me reevaluate my plans, consider different insulating and other materials options, and even helped provide the necessary tools for the project. In just 3 weeks, Terraform Tiny Homes helped me transform a school bus into a functional, comfortable home! I could not be happier to recommend Terraform Tiny Homes to anyone thinking about, or already building tiny.”

– Victor P. Davidenko, owner of The Wanderbus

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