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Terraform Two, a 2010 Honda Element, was originally created as a stealth micro-camper to scout the USA with, looking for a new place to call home. After over 10,000 miles and 4 months, I found that I loved traveling and loved living out of the car. Throughout the summer, in addition to my own car, I was asked many times by fellow travelers to help them revamp their rides!

Over the 4 months on the road, Terraform Two was refined and remodeled multiple times. By the end of my Western US tour, it had been redesigned to comfortably sleep two people, to be completely off-grid, and camp anywhere. After returning from the trip, I began work on upgrading Terraform Two once again to address some of the discomforts from the first trip (mainly a lack of reliable electricity, warm shower, and large bed). Including a Goal Zero Yeti 400 Power pack and 100 watt flexible solar panel, and upgraded from the ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series Air Pad 4″ memory foam self inflating camping mat to a full-sized Lucid 4″ memory foam folding mattress….  and very importantly an upgraded solar shower which took the form of a $10 garden sprayer painted black.

 In 4 months on the road, I paid $18 for lodging, thanks to the stealth design of the vehicle. Thanks to resources like FreeCampsites.net and CouchSurfers (among others) I was able to stay for free almost everywhere I went. The hardest part of the trip was coming back, because after only a few weeks what was my car started really feeling like home.

T2 Features:

A sleeping area for 2 adults, under-bed & rooftop storage, bike rack, private solar shower, solar power pack, 5-gallon water tank, solar lights, locking storage box, pull out kitchen, bug screens for all the windows, stealth black-out blinds, yeti cooler, and more.

Terraform Two Travels

I have lived out of the Honda Element for a total of 5 months between August 2016 and August 2017. The first trip covered over 10,000 miles, 4 months, 11 states and 10 national parks. The second smaller trip covered 3,500 miles over one month and was the first time I brought a second person along in the element. During the 5 months on the road, I spent a grand total of $16 on lodging. Through sites like FreeCampsites.net and CouchSurfing as well as designing the element to be a stealth camper so that I could sleep in any neighborhood for free, I was able to travel cheap and have some of the best months of my life.

For more information about how to set up your own car as a camper visit my blog post HERE

Alternative Life Coaching

Whether you’re looking to travel cheaply, renovate your existing vehicle or want to become a digital nomad, talking with someone who’s done it can often be the first step to a new life. My decision to live out of my car and travel into the unknown was much like yours – scared, uncertain, and thinking I was crazy – but I’m here to let you know you CAN do it, it is such a rewarding lifestyle, and I’m here to pass on my knowledge.


– How to retrofit your current vehicle

– Stealth camping and how to never pay for lodging

– Building amenities into your car (power, shower, kitchen, etc.)

– The wonders of the CouchSurfing community

– Making money while traveling

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