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$65,000 | 250 SqFt | 32′ Long | SIPs Built

Turn-key and move-in ready! Financing, parking, and towing available.

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Terraform One is a 250 sq ft modern tiny home that was created as a collaboration between professional artist/designer Richard Ward and Artisan Tiny House construction expert Patrick Sughrue. Built to be a forever home, Terraform is not a typical tiny house. Half of the total home budget went into engineering, including a custom-built trailer and a durable, energy-efficient shell constructed with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

Inside, Terraform’s aesthetics are equally top-quality. Finished in June 2016, it features a modern industrial design with exposed conduit, a kitchen ready for a chef with a commercial sink, 110” projector setup with whole home surround sound, plenty of storage, a 100 sq ft 2-level deck, and comes complete with all the household items you need to move in on day one. This Tiny Home on Wheels (THoW) was built for an individual, couple, or even a small family. Anyone looking to live both simply and comfortably without spending their whole life paying off a mortgage.




The home features a chef style galley kitchen. The countertops are a mix of stainless steel and butcher block to provide both beauty and functionality. A four section commercial dishwashing station provides storage and a hidden place to dry dishes. The kitchen features TONS of storage with three reclaimed customized lower cabinets, a pantry, tall built-in shelves, induction cooktop, toaster, coffee and a large glass front fridge with two draft lines for your favorite beverage and a deep freezer.


The bathroom features a full-sized shower, vent fan, plenty of storage, a Bosch on demand hot water heater, and a coveted “Natures Head” composting toilet. With custom design features like a bottle cap backsplash and bedpan planters, this is one of the most talked about rooms in the house.


This tiny home packs a lot into a small space. The living room features a 110” projector screen, a whole home sound system,  original artwork, a couch which can be used as a guest bedroom, an aerial yoga hammock, fold-away desk, hanging storage for three bikes, and plenty of storage space.


The home utilizes the gooseneck trailer design to make the loft extremely accessible. Only a few steps up rather than having to climb up and down precarious ladders late at night. The loft gives a nice “perch” to see the world with two large windows on either side and 6’4” high ceilings. The closet provides ample clothes storage space with the potential to double the storage if need be.


You can always change your fixtures, but you can never change your structure. That’s why 50% of the total build budget went into getting the best-of-the-best custom tiny house trailer and Structural Insulated Panels.


SIPs are a high-performance building system for residential and commercial construction. They are the most airtight and well- insulated building systems available, making them a popular construction method for LEED-certified buildings. An airtight SIP building will use less energy to heat and cool, allow for better control over indoor environmental quality, and virtually eliminate construction waste. Because of SIPs, the insulation value of this home is R-22 for the walls and floor, R-32 for the ceiling (typical homes in Texas are R-14).


Knowing the trailer is the foundation of the home, just any trailer wouldn’t do. The trailer was uniquely designed FOR this particular SIPs structure. Manufactured to meet and exceed all National Association of Trailer Manufacturers and DOT guidelines, the home attaches to the trailer at 32 separate points with heavy-duty bolts and bearing plates.


Hooking up couldn’t be easier. The home utilities are set up very similar to an RV; all you need is an extension cord to hook up to either 110v or 30 amp and a garden hose to connect to a water source. Hot water comes from a typical 15lb propane tank and with the composting toilet, there’s no need for a septic system. Between gas, electric, and water, utilities could cost less than $100/month depending on usage. Living simple has its perks.


Part of tiny house lifestyle is helping others, a great way to learn – I have worked hands-on with six houses, van/car/school bus conversions… and designed for many others.

After living tiny for a few months, I was asked to exhibit at Earth Day TX 2016. This was my first time showing my home and I was overwhelmed by the interest and the crowds (3,000+ people in 3 days). Shortly after the exhibit, I decided I needed a change of scenery. I turned my Honda Element into a 32 sq ft micro camper and took off across the western United States, traveling for 4 months over 10,000 miles trying to find a new place to put the big house.

Quickly, the Element became comfortable and I realized, my tiny house was just too BIG! I realized it wasn’t the… No mortgage, rent, or taxes, or even the unique and flexible lifestyle that drew me to the Tiny House movement. It was the freedom. I had built a house that was intended to be moved once every few months… not once every couple days. So I returned to DFW and promptly started construction on my new Tiny House, a 54 sq ft home that I could move much more easily and travel with.

 Although Terraform One is still a new home, it already has a rich history and many stories to tell, from starring in its own 2017 episode of HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters to being the largest in a line of Terraform tiny dwellings that also include teardrop trailers and car/van/school bus conversions. As its new owner, you are joining a global community of tiny housers who are among the most creative, caring people you will ever meet. Tiny homes are catalysts for life changes and magnets for fulfilling friendships.



My name is Richard Ward and I am the blood, sweat, and tears behind Terraform One. In the summer of 2013, I had just graduated from college, had a good career, and by all accounts had done everything “right”. But something was missing. After a vehicle wreck and hospital visit, I woke up. I didn’t want to live the 9-5 life for 40 years when life can end in a flash. Like many people, I searched and searched for a way out of the “default” pay bills and die lifestyle so many fall into. In early 2014, I discovered the concept of a “tiny house” — September of 2015, the walls showed up.

Coming from a background in design with a passion for creative problem solving, the tiny house build was the perfect project. I got so much joy from salvaging antique doors out of historic homes, finding creative solutions to make utilities look like design features, and watching a pile of lumber become a home.

Terraform One was an amazing experience. So much love and care went into the home and I made so many amazing connections. For that I am grateful. But at the end of the day, it was built for someone who wants to be semi-permanent, and I’ve caught the travel bug… So it’s time to pass the home along and go smaller!



There are many options when it comes to financing a tiny house, though one has to be willing to be creative. The easiest way to get a loan if you are an existing homeowner is to apply for a home equity loan. If you are currently a student, I have heard of people using student loans to pay for their tiny homes due to a low-interest rate and generally they give a few years before you have to start paying it back. Other private lenders are available but they are subject to credit checks and can be more difficult. My recommendation when searching for any loan is to use the term “Custom built RV” rather than “Tiny home”. It helps the clerks check the box they need to check while still remaining honest.

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Terraform One is currently parked just outside of Austin, Texas in a quiet neighborhood with lots of access to nature. Upon purchase, you’ll have the option to extend the current lease or move the house to a location of your choosing. If you’re looking to move, I’m more than happy to help you find a new parking spot. I have tiny house friends all across the nation.


Have your own spot but need a tow? I can help you arrange a tow to anywhere you like nationwide. I’ve worked with professional, fully insured towing companies, who have skillfully towed the home all over Texas. Rates vary depending on the situation, but generally, rates range from $3-$5 per mile.

(Dallas to Austin was $750. I’ve been quoted Dallas to California at $3,000.)


Tiny Homes are meant to be customized to fit the homeowner. Therefore, I’m willing to help you with minor renovations after purchase. If you’re looking for major renovations, we can negotiate that into the sale.


It is important that you enjoy your tiny house life. Upon purchase, you will have my contact information and can call me with any questions as you get adjusted to the tiny house lifestyle.


Ready to purchase or schedule a tour? Contact us today.